R6 Beliefs & Mission


We are often asked the meaning of R6 and it is quite simple.  In all of our information and data collected in our response to active shooter; it comes down to three simple factors for survival.

  1. In the first six seconds your mind will trigger a survival response to the on rush of signaling danger.
  2. In the next sixty seconds the body has responded to a plan of action.
  3. Within six minutes you will have the result of that plan, good or bad. Thus R6.


The sum value of the day is not always measured in the amount of work accomplished or the amount of hours in that day.  The sum value of the day is often defined in a few seconds.  The greatest moment of that day might be that good night kiss of little lips and sweet voice in your babies’ prayers.  Even the greatest tragedies are summed up in just seconds of what was earlier a great day.  We know that we cannot prevent tragedy as a whole but we believe through proper preparedness and training we can provide the edge that might provide someone seconds.  Seconds that change lives in one way or another. The sum value of a good day.


It is our duty and responsibility to ensure that we provide our clients with appropriate training and preparedness to survive an active shooter event.  We look to achieve client success through research and practical application.  We will not stop until we know that our clients are capable and confident in their abilities to perform in a crisis moment.  Our people do not call the mission complete until we have laced up our own boots and feel confident if we had to walk in their shoes.